Attractions of Bobo Dioulasso

Centre culturel senoufo Rene fournier
Centre culturel senoufo Rene fournier

Situated in the south-west of Burkina Faso and former colonial capital of Upper Volta, Bobo-Dioulasso is the economic capital of Burkina Faso and the second largest city in terms of population after Ouagadougou. Named by the settlers, Bobo-Dioulasso means “the house of the Bobo-Dioula” and is the capital of the Hauts-Bassins region. It covers an area of 136.78 km², its population is mainly composed of Dioulas, Mossis and Bobos. The climate is of the South Sudanese type and is characterized by a long dry season from October to April and a rainy season lasting 5 months from May to September. The dry season consists of a cold period from November to January and a hot period from February to April, with relatively abundant rainfall.

Artisans' quarter (Bobo Dioulasso)

Quartier des artisans

The craftsmen’s quarter is famous for its craft workshops and the quality of the resulting products. There are workshops for forging, dyeing, bronzing, carving and many other workshops in the craft sector. The activities are mainly family-based and the know-how is passed on from generation to generation. The craftsmen use traditional production methods and most of them have a small gallery in which the manufactured products are displayed. The products on display can of course be purchased as souvenirs.

Senoufo Rene-Fournier Cultural Centre

Centre culturel senoufo Rene fournier

The Senoufo Cultural Centre René Fournier is an institution based in Bobo Dioulasso that collects, safeguards and promotes the Senoufo cultural heritage. There are daily exposed objects such as textile pieces, ritual objects, pieces of daily life and many other objects of the Senoufo populations. One can thus discover magnificent objects and experience an exciting immersion in the Senoufo culture.

Mosque of Dioulassoba

Mosquee de Diolassoba

Located in the Dioulasso Bâ district, this beautiful mosque of Sudanese inspiration was built in 1880. It is the first mosque in Bobo and one of the oldest buildings in Burkina Faso. The mosque is made of round bricks made of a mixture of earth, clay and banco. It is a large building whose construction takes about 10 years. The building, which rests on buttressed walls, is punctuated by a colonnade topped with pinnacles that protrude from the flat roof. The cone-shaped minarets are riddled with wooden reinforcements which, while decorative, ensure the solidity of the structure. The interior of

the mosque is supported by 42 pillars and the secondary minaret is made up of 4 floors. It is a very beautiful mosque that must absolutely be visited.

Mausoleum of Princess Guimbi Ouattara

Tombe de la Princesse Guimbi Ouattara

Princess Guimbi Ouattara was born around 1836 into the royal family. She lost her father at the age of three and married for the first time at the age of fifteen. She played a strategic role in the region by facilitating the arrival of French explorers. Enjoying a certain ease, she owned many slaves and even a small army which she engaged in local conflicts that brought her substantial profits. She was remarkably able to sniff out the wind and cooperated without hesitation with the Europeans. She offered her hospitality to guests such as Binger, Dr. François Crozat and many other explorers. She 

died in 1919, eight years later the French erected a monument in her memory.

Municipal Museum Sogossira Sanon


Located in the heart of the city of Bobo-Dioulasso, in a beautiful colonial building, the former Musée du Houet, renamed Sogossira Sanou, opened its doors in March 1990. It presents a small permanent exhibition of objects of the Bobo people, such as masks, clothes, jewellery, pottery, as well as some old photos and many other objects. Two types of dwellings have been reconstructed: a Bobo house and a Fulani hut. These collections are also enriched by temporary exhibitions of local artists, who are usually present. You will certainly have the opportunity to admire these talented artists at work.

Bobo Diolassou Grand Market

Marché central de Bobo Diolassou

Located in the heart of the city’s commercial triangle on the axis linking the town hall to the station and created in 1952, the Bobo market is one of the first shopping centres in Burkina Faso. Particularly renowned for its fabrics, it occupies a vast area of 4 hectares with 3,284 shops. A colorful, pleasant market with a beautiful atmosphere, it is an important part of the economy of the city and the sub-region. It is simply a wonderful place to discover.

The Museum of Music "d’Hier et d’Aujourd’hui"

Musée de la musique d'hier et d'aujourd'hui

Music occupies a predominant place in Burkinabe society. The griots, a caste of musicians, are present at all the ceremonies. Created by ASPAC (Association for the Safeguarding of Cultural Heritage) Inaugurated in March 2002, the Museum of Music of Yesterday and Today has as its main aim the collection, conservation and promotion of the cultural, musical and artistic heritage of Burkina Faso. An interesting and educational visit will plunge you into one of the major arts of Burkina Faso: music and its instruments. Drums, balafon, bara, doumdoum, flute or harp-lute, collected from different 

ethnic groups in Burkina since 1993 are on display.

Notre Dame de Lourdes Cathedral


Situated between the railway station and the central market of Bobo-Dioulasso, the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Lourdes is a religious building that was opened for worship in the 1961’s. It is classified among the tourist heritage of Burkina Faso. Built in 1957, it has a modern architecture and was dedicated to Our Lady of Lourdes. It opened its doors in 1961 and one can see the sculpture of wills, old and new on the seats, in styles artistically mixing traditional and contemporary styles. It is a very beautiful cathedral that must absolutely be visited.

The Sacred Lake of Dafra (Catfish Pond)

Lac sacré de Dafra

Situated a few kilometres from the city of Bobo-Dioulasso, the sacred lake of Dafra is not only a silurid pond but also a renowned place of pilgrimage which was once used exclusively for traditional rites. Nowadays pilgrimages are made for many reasons: fortune, well-being, health, fertility etc… It is a unique, peaceful place with a beautiful surrounding landscape and a special atmosphere. It is important to be accompanied by a guide who knows the place well.

Classified forest of Kou

Forêt classé de Kou

The Kou massif is the area covered by the classified forests of Dindéresso and Kou. These two forests create and maintain a microclimate around the water sources that supply the town of Bobo-Dioulassou and its surroundings with drinking water. The classified forest is located about 15 km from Bobo and takes its name from the river Kou which crosses it. It covers an area of about 115 ha and is rich in plant and animal resources. This forest is also home to the Guinguette which is a natural body of water forming a kind of swimming pool on the course of the river Kou.

The Hippopotamus pond of Bala

Mare aux Hippopotames

Situated about 60 km from Bobo-Dioulasso and created in 1937, the hippopotamus pond is a lake that is part of the Bala Biosphere Reserve, which covers an area of 16,300 hectares. The reserve was created around a freshwater lake that is home to around 100 hippopotamuses. It is classified under the Ramsar Convention as a wetland of international importance. The pond is a paradise for migratory birds, there are more than 160 species of birds including 27 species of water birds and 133 species of savannah birds. Species that are not very common in Burkina Faso such as the Dwarf 

Jacana (Microparra capensis), the Maitsou Colombar (Treron australis), the Trogon narina (Apaloderma narina) and many other rare species can be found here.

The Guinguette

La Guingutte
Located about 20 kilometres from Bobo, La Guinguette is a natural lake forming a kind of swimming pool on the course of the river Kou. Known to the inhabitants and visitors of Bobo-Dioulasso, the Guinguette owes its name to the first classification of the Kou forest in 1941, which covers almost 115 hectares. A natural spring surrounded by lush vegetation, it is an ideal setting for relaxation, picnics and swimming. It is a forest very rich in vegetation which shelters several natural resources.

Ma Copine Femmes & Créativité Museum

Musée ma Copine Femmes & Créativité

Located in Bobo, the museum ma copine & créativité is a beautiful shop run by women who offer you a warm welcome. The shop offers you a wide choice of local handicrafts that are carefully selected for their quality. The museum organizes regular exhibitions of local artists in order to promote creativity and local artistic products. You will find clothes, necklaces, jewellery, glasses with hand-painted designs, bags, paintings, gadgets and decorative objects of all kinds. This initiative was launched with the aim of enhancing the value of local production, as all the products on offer are created by women 

from Bobo. By visiting this shop, you will be seduced by the local know-how and you will support a noble cause.

The Village of Koro

Village de Koro

Located about ten kilometres east of the town of Bobo-Dioulasso, the village of Koro is set on a rocky hill. It has a population of about 30,000 and is mainly composed of the Bobo, Dioula, Peulh and Bobo-Dioula peoples. The inhabitants of the village are engaged in three main activities: pottery, forging and agriculture. The magnificent landscape will amaze you, huge granite blocks with a spectacular view. A trekking tour will allow you not only to enjoy the wonderful landscape but also to admire the sunset. A unique experience to live absolutely.

Theater "de l'amitié"

Theatre de l'amitie
Located in the town of Bobo Diolassou, the Friendship Theatre is an open-air cultural square with iron stands visible from the town centre. Traditional, cultural, musical and fashion shows are presented there. The main objective is the promotion of the culture and traditions of Burkina Faso.

Taba Taba Art Centre

Centre artistique Taba Taba

Originally from Bobo-Dioulasso, Kossi is a sculptor who has been practicing the art of bronze sculpture since the age of 7. The artistic centre also offers courses in traditional African technique, over periods ranging from a few days to several weeks. The centre also promotes the artistic and craft trades of Bobo-Dioulasso by regularly organizing exhibitions and workshops, thus allowing the discovery of Burkinabe art.